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The Medieval Podcast

Sep 16, 2021

Tight hose caused the Black Death, licking a bear into existence, and the Ordeal of Water. In this episode, Danièle tells us about some of the stranger ideas that came up in the Middle Ages.

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Sep 9, 2021

Much ink has been spilled on Geoffrey Chaucer, but there’s another Chaucer that should be showing up on our radar, as well. This week, Danièle speaks with Michèle Schindler about the life and times of Alice Chaucer.

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Sep 2, 2021

It’s back to school time. This week, Danièle tells us about life in the medieval university. What did students learn, what was expected of them, and how they really behaved.

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Aug 19, 2021

A new documentary follows the lives of women who fight in an extreme and full-contact sport, Medieval Armored Combat. This week, Danièle talks with filmmaker Adrian Cicerone about his new film Steel Song.

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Aug 12, 2021

It’s medieval storytime! This week, a story from the ancient world is translated into the Middle Ages in the tale of Sir Orfeo.