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The Medieval Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

From the submissive to the scandalous, medieval queens held a huge amount of influence over the politics of the day. In this episode, Danièle speaks with Dr. Helen Castor about queenship, the challenges of studying even the most prominent medieval women, and how their stories still resonate today.

Apr 17, 2019

What was torture really like in the Middle Ages? Everyone knows, or thinks they know, that torture was an integral part of medieval life, but many of our beliefs are really myths. Larissa ‘Kat’ Tracy joins Danièle to talk about iron maidens, dungeons, executions and more.

Apr 16, 2019

A special episode of The Medieval Podcast to discuss the tragic fire that has left much of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris destroyed. Danièle talks with Peter Konieczny, Editor of, to recount what we know about the fire, and our own reactions to this sad disaster. 

Apr 10, 2019

Although it seems to be a fundamental contradiction, some medieval conflicts saw bishops braving the battlefield. To find out more about these military men of the cloth, Danièle speaks with Craig Nakashian, author of Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250: Theory and Reality.

Apr 3, 2019

These days, there are many different ways to be a historian outside of academia. In this episode, Danièle speaks with Christine Morgan, creator of Untitled History Project, about her latest work on the famous fairy Mélusine, Mary Boleyn, and making it as a historian off the tenure track.