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The Medieval Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

This month, an exciting connection was made between Islamic and Irish medicine through the discovery of a medieval fragment of Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine bound in a sixteenth-century printed book. In this episode, Danièle speaks with Pádraig O’Macháin about his discovery of the very first physical evidence that...

Mar 13, 2019

Everyone loves a medieval mystery novel, but just how does an author go about creating one that’s true to the period? To find out, Danièle speaks with Candace Robb, author of the Owen Archer and Kate Clifford mystery series to learn about how to create compelling and intriguing historical fiction.

Mar 6, 2019

What was it like to be a bastard in medieval Europe? Were you excluded from one of the most important institutions of the time: the priesthood? Danièle is joined by Sara McDougall to talk about bastards, priests, and if you could be both at that same time. 

Feb 27, 2019

How did medieval people deal with physical and mental challenges? Danièle speaks with Kisha Tracy of Fitchburg State University on why its important to talk about disabilities in the Middle Ages and what evidence we have for how people cared for each other when there was physical or mental disabilities.

Feb 20, 2019

It was one of the most famous battles of the Middle Ages, and one that has been studied by many historians. Yet, we do not know exactly where the battle was fought. Danièle speaks with Michael Livingston about his latest research on where the battlefield might be.